These are the confirmed teacher and staff attendees. If you are in contact with any others, please let them know about the reunion.

Updated: May 30, 2023

First Name Last Name Roles at GHS
Jane Agnew English
Kelly Anderson Phys. Ed
Diane Assaly Math
Michele Auaglia Science
Lori Berketa Office
Heather Bramwell English
John Brennan History, Principal
Karen  Brennan English
Terry Brennan Principal
Nancy Brown Office
Dorinda Brunsh Phys. Ed
Bill Buck Math
Dave Burton Science
Joe Byrnes Math
Paul Caron Languages
Pamela Coupland ESL, Guidance
Bill Coveny English
Beverly Dawson Office
Kim Dipenta Office
Terry Gamble English
Geoff Hamelin Phys. Ed
Laurie Hamilton Music
Dan Hennessy English
John Irwin History, Principal
Phemie Johnson Guidance
Michael Jordan Geography
Vince Kehoe Tech. Dept.
Samir Khordoc Languages
Jerry Klemba Business
Larry Kry Science
Roger Linton Guidance
Steve Margetts Tech. Dept.
Linda Mattinson Office
Jacqueline Mertens Guidance
Sharon Michaud Office
Denis Monnin Geography
Lorraine Neville (now Revine) Languages
Elaine Osborne Teacher
Ann Pohl Office
Ace Powell Phys. Ed
Martine Rheaume Languages
Heather Roberge Art
Kelly Searle LTO, Student
Russell Smith Science
Paddy Stewart History, English
Debbie Symons Office
Ann Taillon History, Vice Principal
Lynn Thompson Principal
Pierre Turpin Music
Nancy Wheeler Math
Stephen Yeates Geography
Mel   Tech. Dept.