These are the confirmed student (and some teacher) attendees for the reunion. Some people specifically asked that their names not be published so those people are not on this list.  The name shown in brackets is the name by which that person was known while at GHS. The information is displayed as it was entered by the attendee. If you would like any of your information corrected or if you have bought your ticket but are not showing up on the list, just send an email to [email protected].

List of Teacher & Staff Attendees

Paul Abrams  

Kim Adams   (Kim Dawson )

Wendy Adams  

Jane Agnew  

Glenda Aguirre   (Glenda Armstrong)

John Anderson  

Kelly Anderson  

Clive Anglehart   (Clive Anglehart)

Bob Armstrong  

Carole Armstrong  

Jeannie Armstrong  

Ken Armstrong  

John Arnold  

Anne Arvisais  

Paul Arvisais  

Diane Assaly  

Jeff Baird  

Donna Baker   (Donna Smith)

George Barrett  

Phil Basile  

Nyle Belkov  

Tim Benner  

Mel Benton  

Grant Bergeron  

Richard Bergman  

Lori Berketa  

Lesley Bird  

Melanie Bird  

Jennifer Blaxell   (Jennifer Kelly)

Zygo Blaxell